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21. 60 More Quick Knits Book Review
The folks at Cascade are at it again, with a book full of 60 patterns for hats, mittens and scarves all worked in Cascade 220 Sport and designed to knit up quickly.
22. 60 Quick Baby Knits - Review of 60 Quick Baby Knits
Here are 60 great options for knitters looking for something different to knit for the babies in their lives. The projects range from sweaters to blankets, booties to hats and more, all using Cascade 220 superwash yarn.
23. Het Nederlands Bakboek Cookbook Review - Gaitri Pagrach-Ch...
'Het Nederlands Bakboek' (The Dutch Baking Book) reads like a love letter to traditional Dutch baking, with plenty of traditional recipes, tips and stories from history by author and food historian Gaitri Pagrach-Chandra.
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